Support: Balloon Web Activity

Balloon Support Web

Ask participants to stand and form a tight circle. Instruct one participant to keep a grasp on the end of a ball of yarn (or crepe paper), name something/someone that is a support to them, and toss the ball to someone on the far side of the circle. Continue this until everyone is holding yarn and a web has formed in the center of the circle.

Toss a balloon into the center of the circle and say, “This is a young person who needs our support. Please keep him aloft!”

Continue to add balloons to the circle. (The number of balloons will depend upon how many participants you have and the level of difficulty they experience keeping balloons aloft. Keep adding until some balloons “fall through the cracks.”)

Tap someone on the shoulder and ask that they drop the yarn and move away from the circle. Observe the results. Repeat by tapping someone else to step outside the circle. Continue until the web fully collapses.

Ask the following questions:

1) How successful were their efforts to keep all the balloons up in the air?

2) What would have been needed to make it more successful?

3) What did you find frustrating?