Asset Champion Objectives:

Develop a model to link existing community networks.

  • To share resources, best practices and expertise
  • Collaborate on community projects
  • Build a network based on sustainability

Build Community Readiness, Energy, Commitment and Capacity to Pile-Up Assets

  • Increase awareness and knowledge
  • Engage and support youth as active partners
  • Empower youth and adults to take action
  • Build personal and collective capacity
  • Create a speakers bureau and the process to fulfill presentation requests from the community

Assist in the creation of a strength based, healthy, thriving community for youth and adults

  • Cultivate a strength based vision and common language across the community
  • Develop the capacity and leadership roles of Asset Champions throughout the community
  • Promote asset rich schools, homes and neighborhoods
  • Empower youth through positive adult/youth partnerships
  • Influence strength based public policy